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it all starts with an idea

SIA “JLD” is one of the leading landscape architecture companies in Latvia with more than 25 years of experience in the industry. The company specializes in the design and installation of children’s playgrounds, but at the same time also offers landscaping projects for gardens and public places, as well as provides technical services and other landscaping-related work.

main working fields


Nursery "Bulduri"

One of the leading tree nurseries in Latvia, which offers a wide range of plants.

Playgrounds and sports fields

The team of JLD experts has been creating original and high-quality playgrounds for 15 years.



We perform design, installation, improvement and landscaping works of various territories.

company values


To take responsibility for what has been done and to always respect mutual agreements so that everyone can achieve the goal together.


One of the leading companies in the industry, which has developed and proven itself over several years.


Constantly high product quality and professional attitude of employees, which ensures successful long-term cooperation.


Always open to new ideas and technologies that allow both employees and customers to develop.