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One of the leading manufacturers of playgrounds, producing safe, durable and attractive products with modern design. Buglo’s mission is to create products that inspire play and promote children’s mental and physical health. The excellent stylistics and excellent quality of BUGLO products are one of the main features that allow us to achieve the set goals.

flora play

 The equipment of this play series is original, inspired by nature and in harmony with nature. The use of natural materials, memorable design and harmonious integration with the surrounding nature make the modular Flora Play series stand out from the previously known play equipment..

robinia play

The unique design perfectly reflects the shapes of the animals while also incorporating functional features. Their different shapes stimulate children’s creativity and encourage them to explore ways to play with these devices. Inspires, integrates and stimulates imagination.

robinia play

Play equipment made of the highest quality round wood with a 15-year warranty and stainless steel details. Due to the high oil content of the wood, the equipment is resistant to rot and pests. This series of playground equipment is suitable for various landscapes, as well as charmingly complements modern architecture.


An attractive and exciting series of play equipment with an interesting design, complemented by inviting color combinations. The equipment allows children to challenge themselves with various elements of climbing and sliding. The equipment is made of high quality materials, which guarantees a safe and pleasant environment for children.


A series of original design play equipment, which offers equipment for curious and active children of different ages, as well as individual elements that are adapted for children with disabilities. All play elements are guaranteed high quality, which is ensured by durable and processed HDPE and HPL panels, as well as stainless steel structures.


A series of challenging and exciting play equipment suitable for children of different ages. The toy elements are made of stainless steel constructions, which are supplemented with polypropylene ropes.


Individual but mutually compatible play equipment. The equipment offers both physically challenging and intellectually developing elements that are adapted to children of different ages.


Thematic series of play equipment Dino, which with its original design will stand out anywhere, as well as will definitely give a special identity to the playground. The equipment offers children the opportunity to improve themselves, while creating a play environment that would be interesting and engaging for different age groups.


The Smart series features a simple yet durable design, complemented by fine details. This series offers the possibility to assemble the modules according to your needs and allows you to choose between steel or wooden constructions.


A colorful and attractive series of play elements for the youngest visitors to the children’s playground. It includes both small obstacle courses and complexes with musical elements.

aquarius inox

This is a series of play equipment where everyone will find something for themselves. In addition to the standard equipment, it also includes a ship, fire truck and other interesting kits. The equipment is made of the best quality HDPE and HPL boards, which are supplemented with educational and interesting game elements.


Ellipsum Inclusive Play play equipment is designed for children of different ages, as well as individual equipment is adapted
children with mobility impairments. The main goal is to provide children with unusual and interesting playgrounds with high quality equipment. The choice of appropriate equipment provides a wide range of development opportunities. By changing the degree of difficulty of the elements, the physical and mental development of children is stimulated.


Uniquely designed playground equipment sets that provide children with a variety of thematic play environments with educational and exciting elements. The basic construction is made of stainless steel and HDPE (high density polyethylene) and HPL (high pressure laminate) panel combinations.


Multifunctional stainless steel street gymnastic complexes with a classic but tasteful design that highlights individual elements of the equipment, creating the impression of a unified ensemble throughout the sports field.


Elegant and functional outdoor fitness equipment, which with their design will fit into both the industrial urban environment and the more remote rural landscape. The equipment is made of stainless steel, in combination with HDPE (high density polyethylene) panels.


Urban landscape elements made of combinations of treated steel and HDPE (high density polyethylene) and HPL (high pressure laminate) panels.