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denfit fitness equipment

Leading manufacturer of outdoor sports equipment for 20 years. Denfit aims to create accessible, high-quality and diverse outdoor fitness equipment for all age groups and abilities – beginners, experienced athletes, people with special needs, seniors, etc. Gym equipment has a simple design with a wide selection of colors. The trainers are made of recycled steel, the production of which requires 70% less energy than the production of steel again.

professional sportpoint

A modern, professional trainer collection with adjustable resistance for different levels of fitness. A great challenge for both beginners and experienced athletes.

urban gym

Fitness system for weight resistance training. The trainers are compact and versatile, as well as they provide many opportunities to train in a limited space – they are ideal for small areas, different age groups and abilities.

StreetWorkout & Calisthenics

The modular street training system is ideal for creating a specially adapted exercise area for strength training, callanetics and street training. Provides operation for several people at the same time.

Fitpoint & PaceWalk

Compact and versatile training systems (strength, balance, coordination, cardio training), which take up little space and provide training for 4-8 people at a time. An ideal solution for developing fitness areas in limited urban conditions.

Obstacle Trail & Ninja Warrior

A set of challenging and exciting gym equipment that can be combined to create an obstacle course. The track can include elements for running, climbing, jumping, balance, speed, endurance and dexterity.