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milford urban elements

Milford helps architects, engineers, contractors, project owners and landscape gardeners to create better and greener environments and well-being in urban landscapes. They realises dreams and offer innovative products and services to generate green life even under the most challenging circumstances. With expertise in quality systems for establishing urban trees, edging and facade greening, together we can transform any metropolis into a greener and better place where all can thrive.

facade greening

Creating green spaces can be a challenge in already densely populated cities, but the demand for them is constantly growing. The obvious solution is to use vertical surfaces – building facades.


Edging is a very important part of any project that creates and maintains the lines and shapes provided by design solutions. This type of component project is an investment in the future. Tightly defined edging helps the project maintain an attractive appearance for several years and requires minimal maintenance.

Tree grilles and guards

Trees in cities are vulnerable to vandalism, transport damage and other risks. In areas with heavy traffic, it is recommended to create a permanent protection system for trees by installing trunk guards or incorporating guard rails into the surrounding pavement.

Anchoring and fastening

While young trees in their natural habitat are protected by the surrounding trees, an urban tree is typically left to its own devices. It is exposed to the city’s wind tunnel effect, colliding cars, vandalism and much more. This method effectively hinders the root ball from shifting, allowing the roots to establish themselves in the surrounding soil. Proper fastening with ties will not harm the tree, but it is important to remove the fastening system once the tree has established a stable root system.

Irrigation and aeration

For the tree to survive, the soil must be provided with sufficient water and oxygen. Due to lack of water, the roots will not be able to absorb nutrients from the ground and the tree will die. An efficient irrigation system will supply water directly to the roots, not to the surrounding soil, ensuring what is important – aeration of the roots.

Threshold channels and roof garden channels

Water can cause serious damage to building foundations and other structures, so it is important to place protection systems around the building. Milford offers efficient and design-attractive solutions for water collection channels that will help prevent potential risks.