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SIA “JLD” provides professional services of gardening and landscape architects, which saves your time and makes gardens thoughtful and easy to maintain. We believe that everyone deserves a garden, no matter what form it is – in flower boxes, herb beds, flower beds or flower meadows. To realize the dream of a landscaped garden, you need to plan every step of the action.


We design large-scale rural landscapes, private houses, guest house areas, children’s playgrounds and recreation areas, as well as small-scale urban courtyards and separate ornamental greenery beds.


The first meeting at the site

It would be necessary to prepare an engineering topographical plan of the territory or, if no surveying works have been performed, a land boundary plan, which would serve as a basis for the further work of the landscape architect. Before the meeting, it would be desirable to understand your wishes as a potential garden user.

During the meeting, the current situation is inspected, the territory is photographed, the customer’s wishes, needs and visions are heard, as well as consultation on the territory design, installation and garden care advice is provided.

Design development process

After the first meeting, when the landscape architect has access to the site’s engineering topographic plan, boundary plan or, if necessary, we perform additional measurements in the area, the first conceptual sketches are developed. In the first stage, we develop several different variants of the territory improvement, which reflect the location and composition of paths, decorative greenery, zoning and functionality of the territory.

After the first sketch consultation with the customer, we develop one amenity plan until it meets the wishes and needs of customers. When the improvement plan is ready, the composition, volumes and configuration of hard coverings, hollows, lighting layout are clearly defined, and a detailed planting plan is further developed. Each plant is drawn and listed in the planting plan. With this plan, we prepare informative plant tables, which include information on the visual appearance of plants, their height, width, leaf color, flower color and their flowering period, as well as prepare a practical description of plant care, shaping and maintenance work.

To learn more about project development, contact one of our landscape architects.


The JLD team carries out the installation, improvement and landscaping of various territories, both according to the projects developed by our landscape architects and according to the projects of other architects. Our specialists can create a new wonderful garden or renovate very old garden. We are engaged in both private and public outdoor landscaping works, which also includes roof garden and terrace landscaping works. We offer paving service, as well as install gabions and specialized systems for tree root management. To find out more about the installation work, contact our landscape project manager Māris Kreicums.



A beautiful and well-kept garden is the identity of every home. For the garden to look tidy in all seasons, it is necessary to take care of it regularly. To make your daily life easier, we offer the following services:

  • lawn care – verticaling, aeration, fertilizing, tying, mowing;
  • hedge care – fertilizing, mulching, restoration and shaping;
  • plantation care – pruning of overgrown flowers, making cuttings, fertilizing, weeding and mulching;
  • tree crown formation – for fruit trees, thinning of large tree crowns;
  • shrub and tree care – annual shaping, pruning of dry, competing branches, fertilization and mulching.