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We offer a variety of technical services that will facilitate the planned work and help make the area more tidy. All the equipment you need will be delivered to the site. The driver will perform the work with high quality, with a high sense of responsibility.

teCHNICAL equipment rental

If you need tractor services or advice on equipment rental options, performance and costs, contact the JLD transport manager Sandis Aivars.


Delivery of materials

We can help you with the procurement and delivery of bulk materials to the place you need. JLD offers all types of bulk materials: black earth, sifted black earth, fertile soil (black earth / compost / horse manure), pine bark mulch, sand, crushed stone, gravel, pebbles, etc. For more information call JLD transport manager Sandis Aivars.

snow cleaning services

During the winter season, we offer snow cleaning services for yards, sidewalks and driveways. We offer equipment of various sizes for cleaning squares and roads. Apply for the service already in autumn and be ready for winter! Ask JLD transportation manager for more information on snow removal options and costs Sandis Aivars.

strain milling

SIA “JLD” offers strain milling services. To find out more about stump milling services and costs, contact Sandis Aivars, JLD site maintenance work manager.